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A cultural centre with infinite possibilities – conceived, created and developed to be an all encompassing centre for Learning, Experimenting, Teaching, Exhibiting and Spreading the art of ‘Classical Bharatanatyam’.

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media feedback


‘the choreography and the way Shobana structured the coordination between the dancers of her troupe, were perfect’

Times of India

‘Over the years, shobana has impressed us not only as a gifted dancer but also as an excellent guru’


'It is a two hour show, with exquisite backdrop changes, stunning costumes & spectacular'

Chicago tribune

'She sparkles like a world famous sapphire'

Margaret Putnam, Dallas morning news

'Joy of Indian dance captured in all its glory'

Leela Venkatraman – The Hindu

'Shobana proves that she is no mean teacher'

Oman Times

‘Mastery over the idiom reaches out to the general public’

The Hindu

'Always in control, during nritta or abhinaya interludes, whether in each movement or just waiting to underline the gap beats. Isn't she after all the most naturally talented of her generation?'

Rupa srikant – The Hindu

'The foundation of the dance production retains the classicism and where the edifice is a built up eclectic experience'

Chicago Tribune

‘It was the dancer’s unstinting connection with her art that was the real appeal, and thereby was Shobana’s forte. That moment where she tied one episode in space and time to another, with total conviction was unforgettable’

Dallas Morning News

‘Shobana’s craft was an ingenious combination of accentuated sound, showmanship and mood. As a cascading synthesis of form and communication with plenty of lissom movements and decorative nritta sections being prominent features’

Press Review

‘Here was a classicist, who interpreted the art form on her terms. Devoid of unnecessary trappings or indulgences, it was her artistry that excited and delighted in turn’

The Hindu

'Kaleidoscope of colour, with Kalarpana’s promising dancers pirouetting, swaying and leaping along with Shobana who in the title role lent a contemporary edge to the traditional epic with her novel choreography'

Khaleej City Times

'The dialogue - drama, delivered through a stunning performance, had all the elements that would attract a regular spectator'

Oman Times

'By all means a performance par excellence, set to rhythm'


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Parents Review

Aadya Sudhir

In the past few weeks I have learnt new adavus and the continuous classes have improved my stamina. In these classes we have not only had practice sessions but also had sessions on navarasas and the ashta nayikas. These have helped me increase my understanding of dance and have increased my curiosity not only on the dance but also its history. In all I have enjoyed these classes and hope to have more of these classes.


G. Ezhilarasi

Though my daughter had taken leave for her board exams, she is able to keep moving upwards now with the initiation of Online Classes. Thanks to all the teachers of Kalarpana for their sincere effort, hard work and motivation. Especially Srividya Mam for her way of teaching, motivating and correcting the children. Despite all the hindrances viz lock-down, network problem etc..within a period of short time children are able to learn more items. Thank you Shobana Ji for all your efforts and support.

M/O S.Shreenidhi Priyamvadha


Akka, Thanks for your initiation and patience. During this pandemic we were also worried on how to keep my daughter busy with her desired passion. Pushyami enjoys the online classes and also this helped her both physically and mentally. Providing online training and having focus on each kid and correcting is very complicated and a tough work. Asha akka has executed this very well. Thank you so much once again.

M/O. Pushyami

Deepa Madan Prakash

My daughter Mrutu, loves Bharathanatyam but is scared of Performing. But with Asha mam, by her side a proper guidance was offered to neglect the fear and focus on the art form. The homework, video work which she has been given is very interesting and motivates her to practice even after class hours. This can happen only if the teacher paves a positive path. As a parent, we feel that our child is in the RIGHT HANDS. Thanks Shobana Mam & Kalarpana Team for conducting the classes in spite of the difficult situations..

M/O. Mrutu Prakash

Vijayakalyani Subhash

I am extremely happy as this class has provided my daughter a disciplined routine in this lockdown period. There has been an improvement in her mindset and approach towards this form of art, "dance" as a whole.I really appreciate your efforts in providing students with a quality morning routine and making use of this lockdown.

M/O Mahima Subhash

Sriram J

Compared to physical class, conducting an online dance class is not an easy job as it comes with a set of challenges. But, Ms. Asha, is doing the same with such elan and panache. Observing, giving feedback and providing corrections to each and every student. Not only the art of dance, children seek and learn many things from their Gurus.Would like to thank the Guru for the kind of patience and discipline which is getting imbibed by the children. Thanks to the school and Ms. Shobana for having quality teachers and also reducing the fees considering the current situation.

F/O. Shriya.S.Ram

Yamini Sundar

I feel really proud to be in association with KRISHNA. Primarily I would like to thank our most respected and beloved Guru Shobanaji, for taking such an extraordinary initiative of organizing the online classes. During the initial period of the lockdown children felt monotonous and repetitive with each day much like every other day. But after our online dance classes started, they became engaged and Active. My sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart to Srividya Mam for her dedication and excellent teaching to the children. She is so professional, passionate and must be highly appreciated for her patience to rightly identify and correct the errors of each and every child even in Online mode of Training.

M/O. Ananya Sundar

Archana Gopalakrishnan

Let me start with a big thank you for the idea of online dance classes. As a parent I was looking for options to keep my children engaged who are really disturbed because of the lockdown. Eventually they ended up watching the television for a longer period. It is in that time you had come up with the idea of online classes and it really worked well in my opinion as they continued their routine and also this has ensured they are in regular practice. The best part I liked is that even in this online environment our teachers were very focused and when a student makes a mistake, it was addressed personally to that particular student. I am sure all students would have felt being in touch both in terms of relationship and in the art.

M/O. Priyanka Gopalakrishnan

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