Competition invites participants to watch the exercises in Ms Shobana’s reels on her Instagram account @shobana_danseuse. The participant will then have to practice the exercises from the reels, shoot those as an audition video simply on your phones and send to the email id –

The participant can choose multiple reels videos for practicing and shooting. But remember to combine all the individual video entries of yours into ONE before submitting

The duration of the audition video must be 1 to 2 minutes. Remember that, the video should not exceed 2 minutes

Unfortunately you are under age

A6. Competition is for two age groups of contestants. That means, the competition will be held separately for the two age groups,

  • 1st Age Group : 16-23
  • 2nd Age Group : 24-32
  • Email subject format: Nadanam Shobanam -<Participant’s Name> –
    • Example: Nadanam Shobanam-Amritha-17
  • Email must have scanned copy of age proof document attached. This is a MUST

Acceptable formats: .mp4/.mov

The participants can use any classical music of their choice. They can even send in their entries without music

It is only for a solo competition

Not necessary. The recording has to be clear. No extra points for studio recording

Traditional dance practice saree for both male and female contestants

You will get an intimation by email

Selected participants will be invited for a zoom call session directly with Ms. Shobana for the next level of competition. During the live interaction, the participants will be given some assignments/tests or whatever deemed apt for the competition at that moment by Ms. Shobana. Further assessment of the participants will be done based on the outcome of the 1st zoom call session. Remember that, the participants should refrain from videoing the live interaction (Strictly NO SCREEN RECORDING by the participants)

No. The selected participants from the 1st zoom call session will be invited for a 2nd zoom call session directly with Ms. Shobana. The procedure for the 2nd zoom call session remains the same as that of the 1st one. So in precise, there will be an audition first, and then 2 zoom call sessions with selected participants.

Yes. Here it is,

  • Make sure you have a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Make sure the webcam & microphones are in good working condition
  • You will need to have Zoom App installed in your system
  • Test the Zoom App. If it is new to you, test once or twice
  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. Sit in the room with the best internet connection
  • Close other applications on your laptop or smartphone, so there won’t be any notifications with pop-ups or sounds
  • Make sure your laptop or smartphones are fully charged or plugged into a power socket

Separate cash prizes for each age group of contestants

  • Cash Prize for the Winners : 25,000/- each
  • Cash Prize for the Runners-up : 15,000/- each

Along with the cash prizes, the winners & finalists will be given an opportunity to perform in a video along with Ms. Shobana. The final decision on this lies with Ms. Shobana.

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